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Server Administrator Certificate

certificate Info at a Glance
Estimated # of Quarters
This certificate is approximately 1 quarter long, depending on the time students need to satisfactorily complete all graduation requirements.
Admission Dates
Fall, winter, and spring quarters (sorry it is not offered in the summer quarter).
Students should be familiar with navigating current Windows Server operating systems.

This certificate is designed to upgrade an entry-level computer support professional’s skills to begin a career as a Server Administrator in an enterprise environment.  A Server Administrator performs a wide range of planning, configuration and support tasks required to administer a server(s).  Students will complete NSS 139 (Server OS Installation and Configuration) and NSS 162 (Administering Windows Server OS) in a hybrid learning environment.  Lectures, reading, exercises, and video demonstrations are all completed online.  Students will typically spend 3 or more hours outside of the classroom doing online learning for every hour spent in the classroom.  They should budget at least 10 hours per week for homework.  Students will meet in the classroom one day per week performing the hands-on skills they learned through the online exercises.  The courses’ learning objectives support the Microsoft Certified Solution Associate exam standards for two of the three required exams for the current server operating system.

Courses in this certificate transfer towards the Computer Networking & Information Systems Security (CNISS) AAT or AAS-T degree program.

Certificate Requirements

Course NumberClass TitleCredits
NSS 139Server OS Installation and Configuration4
NSS 162Administering Windows Server OS4
 Technical Credits8

Server OS Installation and Configuration

Item #
NSS 139
Total Credits

Introduces knowledge, skills and tasks necessary to deploy, support, and secure windows server network operating systems in a variety of stand-alone and enterprise network environments. Provides hands-on training for Information Systems Security professionals responsible for managing accounts and resources, maintaining server resources, monitoring server performance, safeguarding data, and securing server network operating systems. Provides guidance for students pursuing industry certification.


Administering Windows Server OS

Item #
NSS 162
Total Credits

Introduces the knowledge and skills necessary for systems administrators to successfully implement core services in windows server operating systems. Provides hands-on exercises where students learn to configure and manage a wide range of services, including Windows deployment services, distributed file systems, and backup and recovery procedures. Provides guidance for students pursuing industry certification.

Successful completion of NSS 139 or instructor permission.
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